Friday, January 15, 2010

BUNNY! – a wee wonderful patterncard

For these little guys I employed the help of Adam, my partner in crime…and craft. Ever since we got these adorable, aeronautic woodland creatures I’ve been dying to make one.  So we made two! These little guys are perfect for gifts or just a good way to kill a couple of hours. We put on some old episodes of Strangers With Candy, cracked a bottle of bourbon and got down to business. It was crazy easy, so I’m not including a play by play, but here is what they looked like in pieces.

I’m definitely no expert hand-sewer, but Adam sure is. While his construction was much nicer than mine, they each have a personality of their own.  In fact, much like dogs and their owners, I think these guys look like their respective makers. Can you guess which one is mine?


posted by Daniel


luspriggs said...

These look stupendous and I can't wait to make some myself. Have you drowned over there yet?

Unknown said...

These are adorable, and even more so in person!