Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy post-impressionist fabric!

Sitting in the shop minding my own business when the UPS man walks in the door carrying the biggest box I've seen walk through our doors in quite some time. I knew what it was immediately; it was the Van Gogh collection. 

We ordered some really amazing rayon prints in October and were completely convinced that they were never printed, and I never thought I would be so happy to be wrong. You really have to see them to understand, but they look like paintings and have the most amazing hand. Anyhow, here's a sample of all of them all in a gorgeous row. Enjoy, try not to drool, and check out the prints individually on the fabric store website.


Amanda said...

Wow, they look stunning! You have the coolest job ever, to be surrounded in so much pretty!

Hollye said...

Stop tempting me with fabulous fabric! OK--well I don't mean that. But come on--this is awesome!!

sweatshop_warrior said...


Anonymous said...

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