Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decades of Style Tea Party!

1940's Girl Friday Blouse

Sew L.A. is thrilled to announce a Decades of Style Trunk Show and Tea Party! 

Join us on Saturday, November 3rd from 6pm till 9pm for the opening of our week long display of vintage amazingness! The show will be hanging at Sew L.A. for a week (through November 11th) , but only at the party will we be offering a 20% discount on ALL DECADES PATTERNS and the chance to win one of the three newest designs: the 1930's Beach Romper, the 1930's Leading Lady Gown, or the 1950's Object d'Art Dress. If you have never seen these GORGEOUS patterns made up before, now is your chance - they are breathtaking.

Janet, the talented owner of Decades of Style, will be joining us for our tea party, and we are requesting appropriate attire for the event - your best vintage outfit (handmade or not), hats & gloves too! Of course, all are welcome regardless of attire - we just like to have an excuse to dress up!

We'll have many types of teas and beverages, along with sweet and savory snacks - scones, finger sandwiches, cakes, tarts - yum! And just to whet your appetite even more, here are some pictures from our first ever Decades trunk show, back in 2008...

1920's Tulip Kimono

1944 House Dress

1930's Butterfly Blouse
1916 Sanger Skirt

1931 Matinee Blouse

1927 Cloud Cape, front
1927 Cloud Cape, back

And here's a picture of my favorite hat (NOT a Decades of Style pattern). We all look forward to seeing you at the party!


marcy harriell | oonaballoona said...

um, i'm sorry, my head is about to pop off because is that you at present moment, miss cinched waist?!?!?!

at any rate my head will pop off due to the amazingness of that confection on your head...

Unknown said...

Ha! No my dear, this is me in 2008. Currently I am HUGE! At least I can wear hats to the party...

Little Black Car said...

1944 dress: I ordered a third of a yard of that Alexander Henry red Art Deco print years ago, then didn't use it for its intended project, and I have been cursing myself ever since that I didn't order more. I think it might be my favorite print, ever. Alas, I have so little that I can't bring myself to use it for anything!