Thursday, February 27, 2014

Christine Haynes' New Book Blog Tour!

I am so excited to be reviewing The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction by the lovely Christine Haynes. If this book isn’t already on your radar, it is essentially a sewing encyclopedia with photographed step-by-step instructions of everything garment sewing related. Not only is Christine my co-worker here at Sew L.A., but a close friend of mine as well. That being said, I am one tough critic. I hold my friends to the highest of standards, and Christine did not disappoint. 

As a sewing instructor I am often asked to recommend a good reference book for beginner sewers, and The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction fits the bill. Christine’s book is broken into five easy to follow sections, each detailing different elements of garment construction. “Tools of the Trade” walks you through the various tools needed for sewing from the machine itself, to pressing tools and notions. “Patterns, Fabric and Your Body” breaks down the process of choosing a pattern, your size, your fabric choice and the cutting and marking process. 

“Construction Basics” launches you into some simple sewing techniques such as seam finishing and garment closures. “Taking Shape” conquers all of those tricky techniques that give our garments shape like darts, gathers, pleats and more. 

If all of these assets aren’t enough, this book is genuinely adorable! Each page is full of some of my most favorite fabrics and patterns. All of us ladies at Sew L.A. are seriously excited to have this book in the shop. I would recommend it to either a sewer who is looking to expand their skill set, or a novice seamstress who is looking for a reference book to supplement their sewing classes. Often times in sewing patterns, all of these essential techniques are explained with inadequate detail, or not at all. This can be so frustrating for the novice sewer who is looking to challenge themselves with new patterns. With a good foundation of basic knowledge and this book by your side, you can confidently master new skills.

 I think the best part of this book is the fact that it doesn’t read as a bland instruction manual, but rather as a good girlfriend dishing all her sewing tips. She effortlessly explains challenging concepts comprehensively and concisely. Thanks Christine for writing one AMAZING reference guide for sewing!

- written by Haley Glenn, photos courtesy of Christine Haynes

(P.S. - Shaerie here! Just to let you all know that of course we are having a PARTY for Christine on Friday March 21st, from 6 - 8pm. Not many sewing shops out there can boast about having a manager as awesome as Christine, and we are super proud of all her hard work. We'll have giveaways (Christine's books, patterns and more) and treats and champagne cocktails - so mark your calendars and we'll see you there!)


Unknown said...

Oh great review! I am going to amazon and buying this tonight. I sew a lot of Lutterloh patterns lately and I need the photo help with construction. This book looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

I love, love the fabric on the elastic shirring fabric. This is such a great book! What I was looking for when I started sewing. I hope to make it to the party! :)

Poyma said...

If I bring my copy of the book, would Christine be able to sign it?