Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Japanese fabric Update - Echino Fall 2011 and Yoshiko Jinzenji

TWO, count them, TWO amazing things happened today! The first amazing thing is that fabric designer Etsuko Furuya has released images of her Fall 2011 Echino prints! Many of you know that Echino has seasonal collections - spring being more technology and transportation based and fall being more based in nature. I have to admit - as much as I love it all - the fall collection is the one I wait for every year. This is a Sneak Peek only... we ordered it all but it's not showing up in the shop till November-ish. So you'll have to hold your horses, er, okapis.
Her gorgeous border prints featuring flowers, trees and birds:

 Stripes and birds and flowers and polka dots!

 Patchwork woodland creatures!

Okay, that's an okapi. And it's nibbling. OMG so cute!

The SECOND amazing thing is that our Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric is ready to ship!!!!! I have been waiting for this fabric since MAY so I'm super mega excited. You can see all of the pictures here but here's a few just so you know what I'm talking about:

See? It's awesomeness printed directly on fabric. It should be in the shop within a week! I'm dancing around like a maniac!


Debbie said...

did you ever get yoshiko jinzenji new fabric? I would love to buy some.

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie - we have it in the shop now. It will be up on the website over the next few days! Thanks!