Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Wardrobe Planning!

As a sewing teacher, there is a lot of pressure on me to 'represent' - to wear clothes that I have made myself. It's a bit embarrassing to have someone say 'Oh, that's so cute, did you make it?' and I have to say 'No - I got it at Anthropologie'. Not that there's anything wrong with shopping! But since I have been sewing and fitting for so long, I tend to get frustrated with how expensive and badly made commercial clothing is (no matter how high end) - and I REALLY don't want to support the sweat-shop economy.

Sometimes it's super difficult to fit sewing into my schedule (which is a little counter to why I opened up a fabric store) so I decided to not only sew some key garments for this fall season, but to take you all through the process of how I decide on patterns, fabric, and construction changes. It's going to be a fun ride!

Normally, I am either inspired by fabric or by a pattern to sew - this time I actually sat down and made a list of things I need! I listed the details (as much as I could think of them) and any ideas for fabrics that might make it all cohesive. 

1. I need a lightweight coat. Hip length, 3/4 length sleeves, pockets, a hood or a collar, possibly a suit collar or a v-neck of some sort. Linen/cotton or cotton canvas. Unlined. I won't lie - I really want to make this out of one of the Jinzenji fabrics! Here are the patterns I'm looking at:

Ottobre Spring / Summer 2008

Indygo Junction Retro Raglan #IJ764

Daily Sewing Book (Japanese) - Coverall

Natural Sewing Book (Japanese) - coat

2. I need a few knit toppers that I can throw on over tees or shorter sleeves. It's still warm during the day, but by the time I'm done teaching in the evening it's chilly!

Kwik Sew, View A - Simpliciy, View A as well!

3. I need a fancy dress to attend a friend's wedding next month. I love Colette's retro Macaron pattern, and am considering using chocolate brown Radiance for the top and band, with either Nani Iro's Colorful Pocho - Evergreen or her Fuccra Rakuen - Peach. I'd like to be dressy, but of course comfortable and rather subtle. These are such pretty fall colors!

Macaron by Colette

Radiance / Espresso and Colorful Pocho / Evergreen

Radiance / Espresso and Fuccra Rakuen / Peach

4. I need PANTS. Smooth fitting, medium leg, pockets, full length. Linen or lightweight wool. I adore the top of these pants but would definitely slim the leg down a bit. More straight, less flare.

Ottobre Spring / Summer 2008

5. Some more long sleeve blouses would be lovely. Christine says my look is definitely 'urban peasant' and these patterns certainly fit the mold! We have some incredible lawns in stock and I especially want to use this fabric for one of them:

Stylish Dress Book (Japanese)

Stylish Dress Book (Japanese)

New Look #6851

6. I'm in love with this idea - and we have a super-cute border print double gauze by Kayo Horaguchi in stock! 

Merry -Go-Round

7. There is always time for CUTE DRESSES!

Burda #7739

Heart Warming Life (Japanese)

Heart Warming Life (Japanese)

Heart Warming Life (Japanese)

So that is a good overview of what is coming up. I'm going to be working on the blouses, the coat and the dress for the wedding first, so join us in a few days to see what I come up with!


1526 said...

That last (natural sewing) coat pattern looks the cutest and I will admit it, I'm in love with the border print blouse idea, too. My two cents.

AmberlightDK said...

Radiance / Espresso and Colorful Pocho / Evergreen. This is my choice for you. I think it will fit the pattern and it will look good with your coloring. I am having a hard time seeing you in the peach, though it is beautiful.

helen said...

Keep the flare on the pants! You'll be adorable as a jaunty sailor lass.

Unknown said...

Border print blouse! I think many of us will be "borrowing" that idea. I love the last coat pattern as well, we'll see how it comes out in the muslin. Helen, I love a flare, but these will be for shirts with longer sleeves so I'm worried about too much fabric overwhelming the silhouette. (and I'm leaning towards the Colorful Pocho too!)

jennx said...

Have you seen this jacket yet?

It's in my "to do CHALLENGE" pile. The stuff I really want to make but intimidates me.

Unknown said...

Oh! That is cute! I like how it can be buttoned or zippered. I have been keeping my eye on this company to see what they come up with - definitely some nice stuff. Thanks!

Amanda said...

I really like that last coat pattern. I've been wanting to make a raincoat and I think that would be a really cute pattern for it!

Both Macaron combos are really nice, though I like the first one a little more! I have one planned in a dark red with a horizontal strip at the top. Can't wait to see what you ladies make!

Unknown said...

Hi Amanda! I'm going to sew a muslin for that last pattern in the next day or so - I'll certainly take pictures for the 'coat' post! Your Macaron sounds lovely - I hope we get to see pictures sometime.

erin said...

"Urban peasant"!! Yes! So Shaerie.

Unknown said...

Hi Erin! Yep, I thought that was a pretty good description. I can see it now - the next big thing!

HC said...

I quite like the look of Burda #7739!

Unknown said...

Yes! It's super cute. Oh dresses, how I love you...