Friday, December 2, 2011

Fall Quilt Market 2011, Last Post

This wraps up our coverage of this fall's Quilt Market, which took place in Houston in November this year. Christine and I are already planning our spring trip to Kansas City, so if anyone has food  and / or museum recommendations, please pass them along! Quilt Market is our biggest trade show, where we meet all the fabric designers and the companies that carry them. Some of these fabrics have already arrived, but most will be showing up in a few weeks and into January. 

First, here are a few prints from Lizzy House's 'Outfoxed' collection that are already in stock. The first print pictured is the story print - foxes, hedgehogs and bunnies!

And there are two prints that go with just about everything.

( perfect for ties ----------> )

Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday has created a little world with a whole cast of characters for her debut collection 'Meet the Gang'. The tiny bird print in gray is seriously almost sold out after just a week, but no worries - we will get more! I can think of at least three Party Dresses made from this fabric... you know who you are...

Congrats to Alexander Henry for winning a prize for the best-decorated booth! Their booth always looks amazing, so that's no surprise. 

We ordered most of our fabric from them before the Market, but here's a sample of what is coming:

...and a few already in the shop!

I can't help it - I just adore Jane Sassaman. I love the colors she picks, and that her fabric always has bugs and weird plants! Check out this dress made from a new border print! 

We ordered a bunch of fabric from a new designer called Parson Gray - some really subtle and beautiful prints in muted tones that would work well for just about any style. Turns out it's Amy Butler's husband, David - and I can imagine THAT conversation... 

David: That doesn't look too hard.
Amy: *snort*

However it went down, he sure came up with some great fabric!

One of the nicest things is walking around the market looking at how all the designers furnished their booths - there's an awful lot of creativity involved! I love spotting my favorites, like Anna Maria Horner:

Amy Butler:

Kaffe Fassett:

and Tina Givens:

Denyse Schmidt is re-releasing some of her more popular prints in different colorways...

And lastly, these gorgeous feather prints from Martha Negley are two of my favorite prints of the entire market. The colors are just beautiful!

That sums it up for this year! We'll let people know when the fabric gets here for sure... and stay tuned for many more posts about us turning fabric into things we like to wear.

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