Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Introducing Christine and Haley, and Marisa from Creative Thursday!

As you might have noticed in some of Shaerie’s recent blog posts, there are a couple of new shop girls at Sew L.A., so I thought an introduction was in order! I’m Christine Haynes. You might have seen me in a class, as I’ve been teaching in the classroom for over a year. But recently I started assisting Shaerie with the managing of the shop. Fun! Also new in the shop is the lovely Haley Glenn. Haley is fresh from fashion school and such a friendly face to help you with your sewing needs.

One of the greatest things about teaching and working in the shop is getting to know our amazing students. In a class a few months ago, I re-met (we had actually originally met ages ago at The Urban Craft Center) the lovely Marisa of Creative Thursday. She was in class to learn to make items from her soon-to-be-released fabric line with Andover Fabrics. We bonded immediately and after a few meetings she very kindly asked if I would be interested in making a garment from her adorable fabric so people could see that it was for more than just quilts or kid’s projects. After one glance at her prints, I knew immediately that the answer was a resounding YES! I love all the prints, but knew right away that the Bird Basket in teal was the perfect fit for me and our Best Party Dress pattern.

Since receiving the fabrics we ordered for the shop, I can tell you that I’m not the only one that knew Marisa’s fabrics would be great for all kinds of projects, kids and beyond. We’ve seen students make things like wallets, dresses, cape linings, and more! And as you see in the photo of me and Haley, she too knew the Bird Basket print, this time in gray, would be fantastic for the Best Party Dress! Haley’s version is customized with a cute white Peter Pan collar and golden buttons down the front. Adorable!

 We have sold the prints Marisa designed so well that as I write this, we are already low and/or sold out of nearly all her fabric. But don’t fret, as we will be reordering more so you too can have some for your very own. And look for more blog posts from both me and Haley in the future! Tutorials, insight into the indie sewing scene, fashion reports, tips, and more! 

'Meet the Gang'

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