Monday, May 9, 2016

Patterns Available!

I'm hard at work getting my website back up with a shopping cart, and there are a few new patterns in the works - over the summer I have one day a week dedicated to patterns while the rest of my time is taken up with school, part-time job and running around after my kid. The great thing about school and job is that I'm around inspiration every day so the ideas have really been flowing!

In the meantime, I still have patterns for sale via Paypal: just shoot me an email at sewlastore (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send you an invoice. Here's what I've got in stock:

Easiest Skirt pattern - $12.95 each
Vintage Pocket Skirt pattern - $12.95 each
Quick Market Bag pattern - $10.95 each
Box Zip Bags pattern - $8.95

I can ship only USPS flat rate at the moment, that's $5.75 for an envelope that can hold 4 - 6 patterns (the garment patterns are bulkier than the accessories). Please do not hesitate to send along any questions, and I'm happy to talk to anyone who might want to wholesale patterns. Click on the pattern envelope for a larger picture to read measurements, yardages and notions / supplies. Thanks! 


Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Year, New Adventures

Hello all, it's so nice to be back! I have had a busy couple of months and I'm excited to re-connect with my wonderful community. It took a lot of energy (both physical and mental) to wrap up closing the shop, and there is still a bit of work to do. 

I have also been taking classes at Pasadena City College to finish my degree in fashion, and have been being a teacher's assistant for their intro class (where students first learn how to use industrial machines) and for the first level patternmaking class. It's been amazing, and confirms my decision to work towards being a college level instructor.

Illustration Class

Draping class

Getting my degree will take a few years, and in the interim I'll be working on Sew L.A. patterns, writing, teaching sewing classes locally (Craftcation!) and offering the occasional private lesson.   

Speaking of which... I have some availability for lessons now through mid-March. I'd LOVE to see students again and help out with whatever you are working on! I have listed days and times below, and it looks like I'll be able to list March dates in a week or so. I'm expecting to be full-time busy by mid-March, so now is a great time to take advantage of me ; )

Feel free to email shaeriesews (at) if you have any specific questions before committing to a time. The times listed are pretty solid, but some days might have a little more wiggle room - it doesn't hurt to ask! And if you don't have something specific in mind, I'll be happy to talk to you about projects and supplies - that's included in your lesson.


Friday 2/19 from 7 - 9pm

Saturday 2/20 from 2 - 4pm and from 5 - 7pm

Sunday 2/21 from 7 - 9pm

Monday 2/22 from 3 - 5pm

Tuesday 2/23 from 7 - 9pm

Weds 2/24 from 10 - noon and from 1 - 3pm


- These lessons are $45 per hour, just like before. Since I'll be traveling, there's a 2 hour minimum but if you'd like a longer lesson just let me know via your initial email. 

- To book a time listed above, email me at shaeriesews (at) First come, first served - so you will get a reply from me confirming your date and time before being booked. 

- I'll come to your house with basic tools, an iron and travel board (if needed) and we'll work on whatever project you have in mind. A $5 gas fee will apply if you are located more than 10 miles from my house in Glassell Park (90065). And please do not worry about what your house looks like. As long as there is some table space to sew your dishes will not bother me! 

- Included in your lesson is a conversation about your project, recommendations for projects and where to get supplies.

- If I know you, you can pay me at the lesson with cash, check or credit card, or through Paypal. If you are a new student, I'll bill you in advance through Paypal, and the lesson will be booked after payment.

- Reschedule / refunds: Since I have a kid, a lot of homework, a partner with a crazy schedule and other teaching commitments, PLEASE reschedule with me 24 hours in advance if needed. Rescheduling within 24 hours will incur a one hour charge ($45) unless there's a life-or-death emergency involving hospitals - but if you let me know and I can fill your spot with someone from the wait list there will be no charge.

- I assume you know that you'll be working with sharp tools, hot irons and machinery and that you are doing so at your own risk. By booking a lesson with me, you agree that I am not responsible for your safety. But of course I will do my best to show you the safest way to create beautiful projects!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  please email me with any questions! shaeriesews (at)

In other news, I have an article in the latest issue of Seamwork Magazine and you can read it here! It's all about how I found my best path with sewing well, and it includes some tips for everyone. I'd love to know what you think!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Closing Auction and a Glimpse of the Future

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who attended our last pop-up shop and liquidation sale on Oct. 25th! We had a great day and covered all of our overhead for the last month of being open. Yesterday - October 31st - was our last day of classes and we were lucky enough to have some great students in our final Machine Intro who are now charged with taking up the sewing torch and running with it. And another thank you to Ripley, who took time out of her busy schedule fighting aliens to come teach class. 

On Saturday November 7th, 2015 we will hold a public auction at Sew L.A. to sell off all of our machines, tools, furniture, fixtures and miscellany. I'd love for the people who are interested in something specific to get a good shot at it without waiting around all day, so below I have a schedule for the day of what will be sold and when. There is A LOT of stuff and I'll be wielding the hammer myself, if I don't lose my voice by the end of the day! Here's the deal:

11am - 1pm: 
Remainder of stock, misc. supplies, random made stuff, class and workshop items. This includes our Kids Camp bin with all the patterns, leather tooling stuff, classroom looms, leftover Machine Intro bag fabric, a box of leather bracelets, the framed fabric in the bathroom and a bunch of stuff made by me that I don't have room for.

2pm - 4pm:
Machines and Tools - five Viking Scandinavia 100s, one Viking Classica 105, seven Janome MS5027PRs with walking feet, four Janome MyLock 634Ds, three Rowenta irons, 4 ironing boards, all the pressing equipment, classroom tools including Gingher shears and magnetic pincushions.

5pm - 7pm:
Furniture and Fixtures: sewing related and shop related. Pattern cabinet, giant thread cabinet, custom built wooden cutting tables (two ginormous and one human size), a lot of sturdy IKEA stuff like 8 cube and 4 cube Ektorp shelves with wheels, 3 Billy bookcases modified to fit fabric bolts, lots and lots of chairs. Shop stuff includes two Billy bookcases with glass doors, two giant white slat wall pieces with hooks, various display stuff, display mannequins, a stand whiteboard, a couch with two washable turquoise covers,  a million button tubes, microwave / fridge, a register stand, an industrial dolly and a lot more.

And at 7pm, I'd love to have a glass of champagne with anyone who wants to show up!

Once again, that's Saturday November 7th, from 11 - 7pm at 3153 Glendale Blvd. 90039. We'll accept cash and cards! 

Please don't email or call in advance of the auction to have us hold items (certainly do if you have questions) as we all feel this is the most fair way to get stuff to people. And although we expect there will be tons of great deals, to be honest we need all the money we can get from this to pay all the debt accumulated over the past 9 years.

After the auction, I'll be taking a few weeks to settle into my new routine, and we'll be re-launching the website by the end of November with Sew L.A. patterns (retail and wholesale) and kits and some fun and useful items for your sewing pleasure. We'll be carrying notions required by our patterns (cotton strapping, bodkins etc.) and also some great hard-to-find basics. I have three new patterns in the works (a skirt and two dresses!) and have been more than inspired by my computer drafting class to start in on a bunch more. And I'm excited to see what the next few months and the new year will bring! I love new beginnings...


Friday, September 4, 2015

CreativeLive Classes Are Here!

If you follow Sew L.A. on Instagram, you will have seen some behind-the-scenes pictures of me filming some classes for CreativeLive - and here they are! I'm really thrilled to present them - they were a TON of work and a lot of fun, and I got to collaborate with some incredible people. I can't wait to film more!

Box Zip Bags has been one of our most popular classes since the pattern was released this past March. Now, you can follow along step by step whenever you like! 

Our Easiest Skirt is a beginner staple - learn how to read a pattern and size yourself, and get all the info needed to start sewing garments. Even though I have been sewing for most of my life, this is the skirt I make the most! It's the perfect canvas for amazing fabric.

A little bit more involved - but still beginner friendly - it's the pretty, practical pockets that make our Vintage Pocket Skirt such a huge hit! This skirt has a flat waistband in the front for a more fitted look, but there's elastic in the back for comfort. You'll learn the basics and a bit more!

If any of you existing Sew L.A. peeps decide to take one of these classes, please let me know what you think! I love teaching in person, but for people not in LA and people who want to learn from me after Sew L.A. closes, this is the solution. And since September is National Sewing Month, CreativeLive is offering these classes at 30% off for the whole month! Woo hoo!